About the Strategic Knowledge Clusters Program


In 2006, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada officially launched the Strategic Knowledge Clusters (SKC) Program. CBERN received an SKC grant in April 2007. To view the CBERN grant application, click here.

The overall objectives of the Strategic Knowledge Clusters Program are:

  • synthesis and application of humanities and social sciences research knowledge in areas of strength and of importance for Canadian society
  • to leverage external funding that will support new research in the humanities and social sciences;
  • to showcase international role and impact of Canadian social sciences and humanities research.

A definition of SKC:

“For the purposes of this program, a strategic knowledge cluster is defined as a national or international network of researchers in the social sciences and/or humanities that fosters collaboration and contributes to knowledge mobilization.Many research issues demand a range of expertise beyond that of any individual researcher, discipline, institution or, in many cases, country. These are best served by multidisciplinary teams located across a variety of institutions both within Canada and abroad. A strategic knowledge cluster must include a sufficient number and range of participants to cover the perspectives and expertise required by the issue or topic outlined in the proposal and to fulfill the objectives of the program.”