Research Snapshots

Exchange platforms and early developments of secondary markets
Marguerite Mendell & Erica Barbosa Vargas
Impact investment and emerging exchange platforms: Where is the capital for non-profit enterprises?

Shareholder Engagement in the Extractive Sector
Rupert Allen & Hugues Létourneau
Has NEI Investments’ six-year long shareholder engagement with Barrick Gold raised Barrick’s ESG standards?

Ethics, Enlightened Self-Interest, & Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights
Wesley Cragg
Is enlightened self-interest enough to ground the corporate responsibility to protect human rights?

The Case for Leverage-Based Corporate Human Rights Responsibility
Stepan Wood
Should companies’ human rights responsibilities arise, in part, from their ability to influence others’ actions?

The Limit of Corporate Human Rights Obligations and the Rights of For-Profit Corporations
John Douglas Bishop
Do corporations need rights in order to respect human rights?

Shareholder Engagement in the Embedded Business Corporation
Aaron Dhir
How can shareholder proposals respect the autonomy of local communities affected by transnational business operations?

The Next Stage of CSR for Canada: Hybrid Legal Structures and the Growth of Social Enterprise
Carol Liao
The United Kingdom and the United States are in the early years of adopting corporate laws that support a growing number of social enterprises. What is Canada’s role in this new legal phenomenon?

New Finance for America’s Cities

Tessa Hebb & Rajiv Sharma
ension funds are building America’s new airports and roads: What drives this new trend in urban investment?

Coordinating Corporate Governance
Pitman Potter
Chinese contract law can achieve coordinated compliance of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility

Implementing the New UN Corporate Human Rights Framework: Implications for Corporate Law, Governance, and Regulation
Peter Muchlinski
Will a change in governance structure help corporations to meet their responsibility to respect human rights?

Beyond the Business Case to Human Rights
Tom Campbell
What are the practical, economic and ethical reasons for responsible corporate practices?

Silence as Complicity: Elements of a Corporate Duty to Speak Out against the Violation of Human Rights
Florian Wettstein
How should we understand what corporate complicity is? 

Managing Ambiguity: Governance for Responsible Investing

Heather Hachigian
How could ambiguity be managed to improve the governance system of Sovereign Wealth Funds?

van der Ven

Socializing the C-Suite: Why Some Big-Box Retailers are ‘Greener’ than Others
Hamish van der Ven
How multi-stakeholder sustainability networks are greening ‘Big Retail’