Advisory Board Members

Yolanda Banks*
Ben Bradshaw
Len Brooks* (Chair)
Sheila Brown*
Jim Cooney

Wes Cragg*
Jeff Frooman
Tessa Hebb
Al Pedden*
Sareh Pouryousefi
Emmanuel Raufflet
Benjamin Richardson
Charles Sampford
Kernaghan Webb
Paul Wilkinson

* Denotes member is also on the Management Advisory Committee

Retired Advisory Board Members

Cathy Driscoll (retired June 2008)
Noel Simard (retired June 2008)
Loren Falkenberg (retired June 2010)
Joy Kennedy (retired June 2010)
Alex Michalos (retired June 2010)
Fred Bird   (retired June 2011)
Claire Woodside

CBERN Governance

For SSHRC funded projects, the Applicant, now Principal Investigator (PI), has responsibility for the direction of the project and all financial expenditures. Consistent with this requirement, the CBERN/SSHRC proposal contains two Governance elements. First, the Principal Investigator is required to report to an annual meeting whose membership includes co-applicants, now co-investigators, collaborators and partners, on financial expenditures, project activities and strategic planning. In addition, the proposal calls for the establishment of an Advisory Board, which is to meet at least twice yearly, in person at the Annual Meeting and by telephone conference mid-way through the year. Initial membership and structure of the Advisory Board was set out in the proposal.

Governance Documentation

The CBERN Advisory Board has developed the CBERN Governance Proposal (led by Len Brooks, and CBERN Criteria for Funding Projects Proposal (led by Al Pedden, Both proposals were reviewed and confirmed for presentation to the CBERN 1st Annual Meeting on 31 May 2008. Download both documents below.

Advisory Board Meetings
Download the notes from previous Advisory Board meetings below.