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Canada-Russia CSR Project

Project Description

For some time, DIAND, along with a number of Russian and Canadian private, voluntary and academic sector partners, has been exploring the value of building an initiative focused on socially responsible economic development in the Canadian and Russian North.

The long term objective of this Canada/Russia CSR initiative is to establish a Canada-Russia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Network with the goal of promoting socially responsible economic development in the Canadian and Russian North. The intention is to build a network that will include Russian and Canadian businesses working in the Russian Arctic and Northern regions and related Canadian and Russian business associations, Russian and Canadian regional administrations and civic leaders, and relevant Canadian and Russian NGOs, experts, and academics.

Throughout several months of discussion, it has been agreed that utilizing the most up-to-date electronic communication tools is an essential first step in building an effective Canada/Russia CSR initiative.  The purpose of this project is to lay the groundwork for the development of two websites designed to enhance the transfer of CSR best practice using the latest communication technologies via the internet including: blogs, wikis, forums, notice boards, live chat, web conferencing, database of research material (including case studies, articles, current events, news archives, event listings) and surveys (see Appendix I for further descriptions of these technologies).  The websites will be modeled on the website currently being developed by the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN).  The goal is to provide Russian access to the resources and tools in business ethics and corporate social responsibility currently being assembled and developed by CBERN, to facilitate CSR knowledge transfer and to provide a forum for on-going dialogue, planning and knowledge exchange between and among the Network’s partners and participants.

We have been awarded funding that will finance the development of two prototype websites, one in Russia that will require a new website development, and one in Canada that will require the creation of a web portal on the existing CBERN website. Following the model of the CBERN website, the two websites will provide a venue to:

    • build research capacity
    • coordinate research initiatives
    • encourage ethical and socially responsible business practices
    • highlight the importance of linking economic development and societal well-being
    • engage discussion and evaluation of the issues and findings at the centre of the network’s activities with stakeholders

    The funding will support the costs involved for planning required to lay the foundations for the development and maintenance of the two websites which will facilitate the exchange and storage of information and content in Russian and English. It will also provide the resources required to generate a plan for the development and testing of the final implemented website version - a sophisticated, interactive website that will be designed to facilitate and encourage research, capacity building and public dialogue between and among a dispersed network of cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaborators, participants and partners in Canada and Russia.

    Upon completion of this initial stage of the development and implementation of the prototype websites, the following objectives will be achieved:

      1. Development of communication channels between the network members and the website development and management teams. This will streamline the efficiency of the sharing of information throughout the Canadian and Russian network.
      2. Design and initial development of two prototype websites:
        a. Testing, feedback and selection of collaboration, content management, and other technologies and tools required to realize the long term objectives of the project.
        b. Understanding of translation requirements and technologies for sharing of content.
      3. Drafting of a post-mortem report on the effectiveness of the prototype websites and a detailed report on the recommendations for improving the utility of the websites for further technological developments (i.e. the final implemented version).
      4. Creation of a request for proposal report and a website development proposal report for the final version of the two websites. These reports will outline the resource requirements and costs for the development of the final version of the websites. 

      The Canadian website will be managed by CBERN at the Schulich School of Business, York University, and the Russian website will be co-managed by the NGO CSR Russian Centre (content work) and Inforus (web design and promotion).

      Canadian Website
      Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN), Schulich School of Business, York University
      Project lead: Dr Wesley Cragg, Project Director

      CBERN will develop a Canadian web portal on the CBERN website with a view to achieving the objectives of the Canada-Russia CSR project. Part of CBERN’s mandate is to mobilize and profile Canada’s rich pool of business ethics and CSR expertise nationally and internationally.  

      CBERN’s partners and individual participants are national and international leaders drawn from business, government and the voluntary and academic sectors.  Both individually and collectively, they bring to CBERN a remarkable range of theoretical and practical experience and expertise grounded on practical engagement, critical reflection and research into the ethical and CSR and sustainability dimensions of strategic and operational business management locally and globally.

      Russian Website
      NGO CSR - Russian Centre
      Project lead: Dr. Alexey Kostin, Executive Director

      The CSR - Russian Centre is committed to play a key role in this CSR program as the NGO partner in the areas such as:

        • CSR Russian-Canadian joint pilot projects formulation and implementation
        • CSR training together with Canadian colleagues to the Russian target groups - business, authorities, and NGOs in Moscow and in the regions,
        • undertaking joint research work on CSR in Russian and Canada with the Schulich School of Business and the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA)
        • CSR networking in Russia
        • coordination of the Russian partners' and experts' involvement in the future Canada-Russia CSR program

        Project lead: Andrey Masalovich, President
        Website design and promotion

        For more information on this project, contact info@cbern.ca.


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